We are the first of its kind in NB that supports foster families with their needs
and at no cost to them.

Fostering Closet NB

What We Do

Welcome to Fostering Closet where we support new and current foster parents with many of their needs when it comes to needing items to support and care for children in care.

We are voluntary run by and everything we receive is by donation. Brittany and I started this and still run it out of our own homes to support families across NB. We know how hard it is to buy clothes and get items for our children and we want to help you find what you need and get it for you at no cost. We will give you and or help you find what you need for the children that are in care.

We also Accept donations for Clothing and Baby items, but they must be free of stains and damage, we want to make sure our children in care are receiving the good items as they deserve the best.

We are currently having locations in; Fredericton and Surrounding area, Woodstock and Area, Saint John and Moncton.

If you have a child or children in care who require clothes, Baby items etc you can contact us with your need and we will find it for you ! Or may even have it on hand.

What We Do

Fostering Closet NB

Our Mission

We help and support Foster Families by putting together of the items needed. We will search for the items and put together what we already have in stock, and will work out a pick up location that works for the foster families.

We are the first of its kind in NB that supports foster families with their needs and at no cost to them.

Some of Our


We'd Love to Hear From You!

Fostering Closet NB

Contact Us

We are always here to help so if you are looking for something or need something please feel free to contact one of us. If you want to help out but not sure how send us a line and we’d love to get in touch with you.

Thank you everyone for all of the support!


Fostering Closet NB

Where we are Located

We are currently active in the Fredericton/Woodstock areas as well as the Moncton and Saint John areas. We also have a Facebook page .