Have any unused clothes or items?

Fostering Closet NB

How To Donate

If you have any out grown clothes or other items not being used consider donating them to the Fostering Closet NB.

We accept Donations of clothing that are;

  • Must be Freshly Washed if possible
  • Donated in a box or Bin (No garbage bags or bags please)
  • Free of stains, tears and holes (so please inspect before donating)

We want to make sure these children are receiving good quality clothes as most of the time they come with nothing.

We accept donations of Baby items like ; strollers, cribs, bassinets, swings etc as long are in working order and cleaned.

We do accept donations of Car seats that are not expired and have not been accident and work with Hailie and Trent’s Law- Child Passenger Safety Advocate as she is certified CPST who examines car seats and will then support the parents with install.

Please email or contact us to see if we are accepting Donations and watch our page for requests of items needed.