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Kailha Winter-Smith
Co-Founder and Coordinator of Fredericton Area

I am Kailha Winter-Smith Co-Founder and Coordinator of Fredericton and surrounding area. I am a mom of three Beautiful Boys two of which we adopted from Nunavut from Birth in which we are so blessed, and Logan who’s been in my life since he was three years old when I met his dad (Jason Smith

Brittany Porter
Co-Founder and Coordinator of Woodstock Area

I am Brittany Porter Co Founder and  coordinator for Woodstock and the surrounding area for Fostering Closet NB. I am a bio mom, adoptive mom and a foster mom to many. I have worked full time at a local car dealership for 6 years now. I am active in my local Foster Family Association group.

Amanda Leppter
Coordinator of Moncton Location

Amanda is a wife to Jarvis, mom to Josiah, Liam and Anna, a teacher of 21 years and a cat mom. She started The Fostering Closet in the Moncton area in honour of her students whom have been or are in the foster care system, a set of twins in particular. The donations and general