Brittany Porter

I am Brittany Porter Co Founder and  coordinator for Woodstock and the surrounding area for Fostering Closet NB. I am a bio mom, adoptive mom and a foster mom to many. I have worked full time at a local car dealership for 6 years now. I am active in my local Foster Family Association group. Although my spare time is very little I try to make time for reading, going on walks, visiting my favourite small town- St. Andrews as often as I can and of course making as many memories with my kids as I can!

My journey to Fostering Closet NB started on my parental leave in 2022.  At the time I was not fostering but was really missing being a part of the community. Starting Fostering Closet NB was how I was able to still be involved and feel like I was helping without having foster kids in my home. I know the feeling all too well of getting that phone call for a placement and not being readily prepared. Sometimes when you get these calls it’s in the middle of the night with limited resources to get you access to whatever needs a kiddo may have.

The beginning goal was to have supplies on hand for any family who might be getting that placement call no matter age or gender. Due to the generous donations of our community it blew up and became so much more than that. We have not only been able to help families when they get the placement call- but continue to help provide clothing as these kiddos grow in and out of sizes, provide cribs, car seats, bassinets, swings, toys, bedding, beds, change tables the list goes on and on. We simply would not be able to do this without so many incredible community connections!

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  • On March 29, 2023
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